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Iroko Cladding

a very hardwearing timber which is resistant to decay

hence its popular use for external applications such as cladding

Iroko Cladding

Iroko Cladding is yellow to golden brown in colour and its texture is coarse, often with an interlocked grain. The timber machines moderately easily although it is hard on cutters due to its dense nature. Its weight is 660kg per cubic metre.  Iroko is a very hardwearing timber which is resistant to decay hence its popular use for external applications such as cladding, decking and garden furniture. It is also very popular for external windows and doors. Iroko cladding has excellent strength properties, comparing well with teak.



Durable Timber Cladding   Durable (Class 1)

Low Maintenance Timber Cladding   Very Low Maintenance

Stable timber cladding   Excellent Stability

Long Lifespan Iroko Cladding   Long Lifespan

Uniform timber cladding colour   Uniform Colour

Easily worked iroko cladding   Good Workability

Recyclable Iroko cladding   Recyclable

None toxic Iroko cladding   Non Toxic



Other Options



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Iroko Cladding is an extremely durable timber, Class 1 according to BS EN 350-2.   The timber is 100% recyclable. Iroko Cladding has a lifespan of 50-60 years. It is also important to note that how a cladding is detailed and fixed will have an effect on it’s life expectancy. Iroko has being used extensively throughout the British isles for years.  As a hardwood offering Class 1 durability it is ideal for uses such as claddings, windows, doors etc.  Iroko has even being used in the construction of bridges optimising its strength properties.

Iroko Cladding is ideal in areas of high traffic which may cause scuffing or scratches


Iroko is approx 660kg/m3, moisture content is normally around 8-10%.

Coating suitability

Iroko Cladding does not require any treatment in order to enhance its durability and can be left to weather naturally to a silver grey colour. On large scale projects if colour finishes are required it may be more feasible to have the timber factory pre finished. Corell Timber work closely with Teknos who provide a large range of opaque colours which include all Ral colours. Translucent brown colours in light oak, medium oak and teak are also available if required. Iroko Cladding can also be fire retardant treated using suitable coating range of products by Teknos.


The manner in which any timber cladding is fixed is fundamental to it’s performance in both appearance and durability. Like a lot of timbers suitable for external claddings we recommend stainless steel fixings – screws or nails may be used.

N.B. Iron-based fasteners can stain and discolour the wood, especially in the presence of moisture.

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